Sunday, 2 October 2011


I have had a concept for most of my life. I believe most people have something they play out in their minds they feel strongly about on a personal level. For me, it is Genation.I was inspired by new and original ideas that I was coming up with in a time of my life when I was looking for a specific adventure story and couldn't find it. I now only write stories of inspired visionary fables. Genation is a story that I came up with, in part, from a dream I had when I was sixteen years old. In the dream, I was being chased through a narrow nature trail by a huge monster truck driven by pirates, or bikers. I fell as the monster truck was about to drive upon me. I had an out of body experience where I could see myself and I was a gray bald muscular creature. When I combined this story with my other short stories, that was when I concieved of the story Genation.
I now have five novels written about Genation. And yes, It does end. I will soon make these stories public through Wordpainter Publishing. Fresh new ideas for a hungry culture, you guys, who want to see something completely new and experience something  both memorable and meaningful.