Wednesday, 25 April 2012

What is the Sasquatch Legend?

Many legends are known among us here on earth. So many it would take forever to list them all. The biggest legend of them all is the Sasquatch legend.
What do they look like? Where do they hide? Just what exactly is the mighty Sasquatch? Many stories are told, many rumours are known. The stories you have been told are all the same. They have been mere sightings. The Crater Mountain Sasquatch Legend tells the story of a seemingly normal man named Trevor who journeys out into the wilderness, only to come face to face with Gurchukk; the legend itself, and a young native girl. Long ago when her tribe was attacked by a ferocious bear, Gurchukk saved this girl from potential doom and kept her as his pet.
Trevor will find the answer to your questions about the Sasquatch; where they live, what they eat, and of course, who their enemies are: creatures from space with deadly powers.
If you, too, desire the truth about the legend of the Sasquatch, learn more about the book now by clicking HERE.
You'll never look at the forest the same way again.