Thursday, 27 February 2014

No one knows how deep inside me is a book that can't wait to come out! Download your free copy of 'Genation Earth Volk' right now.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Available Today! The scariest paperback novel you will never forget! 'The Cross-Breed Legend.'

Aleena, a cross breed; half human and half grey alien is also a powerful witch with a unique ability to open dimensional portals, but when her human mother comes looking for her at Area 51, a whole world of unexpected events begin to unfold sending Aleena into a fast pace, action packed adventure like no other. What Aleena wants most of all is to find her soul mate in this world. One male who is a perfect fit to her unique self, is a cross breed as well, his name is Berkoa, but he is not exactly like Aleena, he is half human and half Sasquatch. When Aleena finds him, she intends to marry him and raise a family with him. Their children, the Chupacabras, wreak havoc in the state of Brazil as Aleena is repeatedly captured within alternate dimensions by creatures who intend to take over our world by force with other cross breeds like Aleena. This sets the stage for planet earth's invasion, but who will become the dominant species of the planet? With so many competing for world conquest it is not clear who will win.
The only people capable of assisting human kind in the struggle to keep the planet are four brave Brazilian youngsters. Find out the shocking truths about the cross breed agenda and what it takes to protect one's self from their tyranny

Here is a picture of Aleena. She is a human / alien Cross-Breed who was raised by three witch stepmothers. Aleena has learned much in the arts of witchcraft.

Aleena searches for Berkoa, who is a human / Sasquatch Cross-Breed. She loved him before she actually met him.

Aleena & Berkoa have many Chupacabra children in Brazil.

This pic is of Nuclonex who is a scientist of Area 51.

This is Ominni, the youngest of the three stepmother witches.

This is Bomoly the oldest of the three stepmother witches who is a very powerful haggard dark witch.